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replacing ceramic stove top on range

I ordered a replacement ceramic stove top due to a crack. There are a few how tos on line. looking for any advice on doing it myself. thanks

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Posted 2011-01-03T15:05:40+0000  by cathy cathy

Hi Cathy, 


Happy New Year and welcome to the community! Ceramic stove tops can be fairly simple to replace out given it is the correct model and manufacturer for the new stove top. Can I ask a few questions first before we delve further into the project?



  • What is the brand/style of your top?
  • Is it a gas or electric model?
The replacement itself of the stove top can be a bit bulky considering the size and weight, but the installation itself can be a breeze provided you ordered the exact replacement of the stove. Ceramic stove tops in comparison with other substrates like glass tops can be fragile and tricky to install if one is not careful.  Disposing of the old stove as well can be an issue if it does fall apart on you. Working safe and using the right tools will get the install done fairly easily and effectively. After I get the info from you, we can work on getting your new stove installed in no time flat.


Posted 2011-01-03T15:28:54+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

oops forgot to say that it was a whirlpool electric stovetop/range. about 2 years old. it appears that after the power is off there are 2 screws in the front and then hinges. the replacement is the exact item that is needed.

Posted 2011-01-04T00:42:06+0000  by cathy

Hey Cathy,


I'm back!

As for installing the cooktop if it is the same model as you stated, lets get to work!



1. Turn off the electricity to the electric cooktop. Check to make sure the wiring is sufficient to carry the load required by the cooktop. A Whirlpool cooktop must have three- or four-wire, single-phase 40-50 amp 240-volt AC current supplied on a separate circuit.(nowadays its usually 4 wires, and check your specific model for how many amps the cooktop carries)  For the electrical connections, The cooktop is equipped with a flexible metal conduit encasing 3 wires ready for connection to a grounded power supply. A dedicated line and junction box should be used to connect the cooktop to a double pole circuit depending on what the amp draw is (40 or 50). For further information, see the wiring diagram provided with the appliance. Always remember to refer to a licensed and qualified electrician if you have any questions or concerns regarding the electrical connections. 

2. Place the cooktop upside-down on the counter. Attach the clamps that hold the cooktop in place to the short sides of the cooktop. You can wait to attach these clamps after the cooktop is in place, but it's more difficult to do.

 3. Set the cooktop in place. Fasten the clamps to the underside of the countertop to secure the electric cooktop, using a screwdriver.

 4. Remove the junction box cover. Match the wires with the conduit from the cooktop. Start with the black wires. Twist them together and secure them with UL-approved wire nut connectors. Continue with the two red wires. Connect the white wires next. Finish with the green or bare ground wire. Replace the junction box cover

 Wipe off any packing residue on the cooktop with a clean, damp cloth. Attach the knob.

5. Turn the power back on to the cooktop. Check the burners to see if they are working. If they don't, make sure the breakers are set properly in the breaker box.

Also remember that the cooktop must not be permanently sealed into the countertop when installed. 

The sealing strip under he edge of the cooktop provides a sufficient seal for the countertop.


Once installed, be sure that the power cord cannot come into contact with the underside of the cooktop or

any mechanical part


After all this, run the cooktop to ensure all of the functions and settings are all running in proper order.


Hope this helps you out Cathy, and again please let us know if we can be of further help.




Posted 2011-01-08T16:20:51+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I have a frigidaire stove top that the ceramic top is cracked.  can I replace it?

Posted 2012-06-23T22:03:28+0000  by cbazen

Hi Cbazen, Hi I’m Ken with The Home Depot in California. Welcome to the community and glad you joined.


Since there many models of cook tops, in order to help you better, can you supply me with the Make and model number. A serial number is also helpful in getting you the correct part.


If you can supply me with the information, I will get you an answer. Please post your information.


I look forward to helping you.

Posted 2012-06-25T17:34:01+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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