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replacing cheap paneling in basement

Would anyone have any suggestions for sheet rock or something similar to replace cheap panelling in our basement club room?  I would like something that is mold and mildew resistant, termite resistant, and energy efficient...does that exist?  Thanks!

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Posted 2013-10-24T20:06:58+0000  by Cricket Cricket




If mold resistance is of concern, consider fiberglass covered drywall. Conventional  drywall has a paper covering which can be conducive to mold grow. The fiberglas covered drywall has no nutient value for mold. The fiberglas drywall is hung and finished just like conventional drywall. Unfortunately, it is considerably more expensive than the paper covered drywall. Having no paper, it is also more fire resistive and less tasty for termites.

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Posted 2013-10-25T04:55:39+0000  by ordjen

Thank you.  Is this a product carried by Home Depot?

Posted 2013-10-25T11:23:17+0000  by Cricket
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