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replacing front porch pillars

I want to replace the pillars on my porch because they're molding. As I drive by new construction, I notice that the posts are 4x4's and the coverings are 1x6. What am I looking at under the 1x6 to secure to? Do I just start wrapping from a corner and work outward? I don't want to take the old ones down and not be able to install new ones.

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Posted 2011-04-14T14:32:38+0000  by peergroup peergroup

Good Day Peergroup,


Replacing a column is all about providing proper support for the porch/deck/overhang before beginning the removal.


Depending upon the load, you will see everything from several 2 x 4s to a 6 x 6 used as a temporary brace. 


Hydraulic lifts are often used to put gradual up-force on the temporary brace until you are able to disconnect and remove the original column ... usually one at a time.


When you review available options for replacement columns, be certain that the new columns are labeled "Load Bearing," and purchase the platform (base) designed to go with your new column.


While platforms may look like only a "beauty ring," it actually helps center the load across a larger footprint and provides space for air to circulate inside and around the column … minimizing the opportunity for mold to grow.


Columns without proper air circulation commonly have problems with mold and mildew because water becomes trapped inside.


This is not a complicated repair, but enlist someone to help before you begin.


The new materials from which replacement columns are made will last many years.


You might consider priming and painting your new columns before installation and then touching up any install dings.

Posted 2011-04-14T15:11:23+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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