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replacing garage door spring and what parts are needed?

Trying to repair garage door bent track, however, things have gotten off track, if you will. Anyway, I guess, I will be needing all the replacment parts for one side of the spring/track/pully-system thing and how to go about fixing it.

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Posted 2013-12-16T15:36:34+0000  by jhackler jhackler

Hello jhackler and welcome to the community!


Repairing or replacing a bent garage door track can be easy if it's a small section, but if you need to replace the entire track on one side then you looking at major work if you have not attempted it before. 


Not knowing if you have extension spring or torsion spring (the ones that are above the door), both types can be dangerous to remove and replace. 


There is a website that has extensive information on garage doors, parts and DIY installation, Garage Door Tracks & Track Hardware see if this help you. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Posted 2013-12-19T20:42:18+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
I have an extension spring. So far we have replaced one sides brackets that are attracted to the rafters and we have the track back in place, now we have to figure out the looping pully spring part, then do it again!
Posted 2013-12-20T01:01:07+0000  by jhackler
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