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replacing old faucet on clawfoot + installing handshower

Hi there,


Along with following advice found elsewhere online, we are looking for tips since we have never done anything like this.


We are renting an old house built in 1840 and were told we could put either a hand shower or shower enclosure in at our own expense (and that a past tenant had a shower ring enclosure). Now that we are here, we see that there is a wall cupboard obstructing the pipes for a shower enclosure, plus we can't really afford that now anyway. We want to purchase an inexpensive faucet that will let us put a hand shower on. We would ideally like to take any new additions with us when we leave the house in the future.


Because we moved from Vancouver to Georgia and just needed a place to land at for the next year, we are ok if this solution is not the BEST but just want to know if there is anything we can do ourselves on a very low budget.


Thanks in advance!!





pic 2


pic 3

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Posted 2012-08-12T18:42:16+0000  by hmay hmay

Hello Heidi and welcome to our How to Community.


Heidi taking it all in consideration i think your best option would be to go with Add on shower kit enclosure.


You could save couple bucks going with faucet handheld shower combo but you would still need some sort of enclosure to protect the floor during use of shower. It appears your floor is finished with vinyl peel and stick tile. Peel and stick tile in wet areas are prone to water damage.


That would put you back at the same price of the shower ring enclosure if not even higher.


I know from personal experience how expensive "original” parts and accessories can be for the claw foot tubs. An exact product you would need for this tub is "Claw foot faucet with riser and enclosure”. Least expensive version would be in a range of 200 + dollars and that’s for plastic replacement.


Benefit of the exact replacement is that it would give you a full use of tub length wise. If you don’t want or can’t spend that much you can go with the Shower Add on enclosure. Shower Add on  is smaller than the claw tub enclosure and it would only give you a 43"x43" area of use.



This is the Shower Add on enclosure;


 shower add on.jpg


And these are the installation instructions.

 watts instruc..JPG

Hope this helps and good luck with your new place.


Hope this helps,



Posted 2012-08-13T14:51:19+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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