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replacing patio pavers - do I need to get more paver base & sand?

I want to replace my current 12x12 patio pavers with different ones.  Do I need to redo the paver base and paver sand? Maybe just get more leveling sand but not redo the current paver base?  The current install is very good and level and all tamped down; it's been in place 4 years.


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Posted 2013-04-27T17:46:47+0000  by slplenert slplenert

Hey slplenert.


It sounds like you already know the answer and you are on track. You do not need to replace the base. Depending on how cleanly you can pull it up will dictate how much you will need to level. You may want to get a couple bags of leveling sand and (2) 1/2 inch pieces of conduit or PVC and a 2x4. Once the pavers are up then lay the pieces of PVC down about 7 or so foot apart and drag the sand flat with the 2x4 over top of the PVC.


Once this is done then pull up the PVC and start laying down your pavers. Save a bag of sand to sweep into the cracks once all of the pavers are down.


Good luck with this. Let me know how the project goes.

Posted 2013-04-28T19:20:19+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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