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replacing pedestal sink

I need to replace my pedestal sink in the half bath.  I'm having difficulties removing it from the wall.  I have unbolted the screws that is attached to the wall, also removed all of the plumbing hardware, and the faucet, i have scored the caulking that was used around the sink bowl and caulking  to the vinyl flooring.  but sink bowl doesnt seem to want to come off.  what other option do i have or need to use to remove the bowl from the pedestal stand.

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Posted 2011-04-18T21:14:22+0000  by lindak lindak

Hi lindak, I’m Ken with The Home Depot. It appears that you have tried just about everything.  One  reason the sink might not come off is that some pedestal sinks not only bolt to the wall on the side, but some are attached using a bracket in the wall and then covered and painted


It sounds like a lot of caulking or some type of adhesive was use to secure the sink bowl to the pedestal. You can try Goof Off, found in the paint department. 


Place Goof Off around the base where the bowl attaches to the pedestal and let it set for about 30 minutes, then try and move the sink bowel back and forth to loosen


Here is link to show you Goof Off click here


I have included a link to show you how pedestal sinks are installed. This should give you an idea how to remove it.


Hope this helps.

Posted 2011-04-18T23:44:41+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Hi Ken,


Thanks for our reply.  I give your suggestion a try.  I'll keep u posted if it helps with getting the bowl off the pedestal.  :lindak

Posted 2011-04-22T01:33:16+0000  by lindak
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