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return help - online order


Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place. The situation is about 4 years ago I bought some flooring online, I had about five boxes that I did not use. I was cleaning out my garage and discovered these boxes. Wanting to return it, I checked and saw the floor was still being sold online. I loaded them in my truck and went to my local HD. I was hoping to get a store credit, but was unsuccessful. The store rep told me too call maybe they would be able to help. The rep said it is up to the store manager (the manager said he has no way of doing this). 

I have returned many items to my local HD without a receipt for store credit. The issue is that this item is online only which the store does not carry. Is there anyway I would be able to return the flooring (it is brand new sealed in the boxes). The policy just seems a bit bizarre, if I would've purchased flooring that was sold in store as well as online I would be able to return them with no issue for a store credit. 
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Posted 2018-12-10T09:32:36+0000  by xodus8 xodus8
You think it's bizarre than the store doesn't want back product that you purchased 4 years ago and has been sitting in your garage since?  The problem from the store's point of view is that they can't do anything with it.  The quantity is too small for most projects and there's no place for on the shelf (retail shelf space is "planned").  So it ends up on clearance, which means the store is giving you whatever you paid and immediately has to mark it down just to get rid of it.  

Posted 2018-12-10T10:02:40+0000  by Adam444
if the floor was sold at the store I would have been able to return it no issues for a merch card. Also if I bought this item recently online within the 90 day return period the store would have to take it back, at that point what would be done with this floor, would it be shipped back to headquarters I doubt it. Why are there 2 separate policies for items that are sold in store and items that are online only. 

While I was waiting in the store today, I saw a few customers returning drills, saws and other tools that have been clearly used and sealed with duct tape. That the store has no issue of taking back?? That is just hypocrisy 
Posted 2018-12-10T10:05:59+0000  by xodus8
Every store has to have some rules for returns, otherwise it would just be chaos.  Frankly I think most big box stores are far too generous with returns, they're horribly afraid of what would happen if some poor mope left unhappy.  Some people use a power tool manufacturer's "satisfaction" guarantee to get a free rental. I'd bet there would be a lot fewer "dissatisfied" customers if they had to box it up, send it back to the manufacturer and wait 4-6 weeks for a refund.  Same for people who buy 20 plumbing fittings when the only needed 5 just because they were too lazy to think about what they really needed first.  They should be charged a restocking fee.

Nothing about the return process is "free" and those costs get passed on to me in the form of higher prices on the shelf.  I shouldn't have to pay for someone else's tool rental or laziness.

Posted 2018-12-10T20:00:12+0000  by Adam444
Hi Exodus8,

First let me state that Adam 444, while very knowledgeable, does not speak for the Home Depot and his opinions are his alone.

Now, this issue is two fold, (1) Do you have a receipt? Since this was an On-line Item, without the receipt we would not be able to determine what you paid for the flooring in order to give you a fair and equitable refund. (2) While Home Depot has a very generous return policy, it is not unlimited. 

As Adam 44 noted, items as old as your flooring are often not resaleable and would be a total loss for the store. Flooring has what are call dye lot numbers, these indicate the time and place of manufacture. These numbers are important as each run of flooring will very slightly from the last or next and matching the dye lot guarantees that each box of the product will look the same as all others from that dye lot. Product over 4 years old will certainly not match any current production and thus is useless to anyone wanting more than the 4 boxes you have.  In addition product ages and no one is going to want 4 year old product for a new installation.

So the question I have for you is would you buy flooring that was returned and was four years old? I am sure the answer would be no!

We now have a 1 Year return policy, one of the most generous in the industry, if the item is over one year old, the decision to accept a return is up to the local stores management.

Posted 2018-12-10T21:45:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hello xodus8 and welcome to the Community.

I am a store associate that works at the returns desk.  Products sold on line, that are not sold in the store ARE returned back to because the store does not have a home on the shelf for the product.  That is why customer have 90 days to return online purchases.

Thank you for your inquiry and for shopping at the Home Depot.

Posted 2018-12-11T17:50:21+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

Google pops stuff up on my phone that it thinks I might be interested in.  One time was a company that was selling 23 pallets of returns from Lowe's.  They had pictures - pallet after pallet stacked with all kinds of stuff, from a rake and shovels to a small roll of carpet to a gas grill.  Of course, it came with no guarantee about condition or if the stuff worked.

I have to guess that rather than deal with returns, Lowe's just sells the product to liquidators.  I have no idea how they determine what stays in the system and what goes.  I wonder if Home Depot does the same thing?
Posted 2018-12-11T22:03:35+0000  by Adam444
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