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How can I find a leak on my roof. The dry wall in the kitchen is coming down.

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Posted 2011-03-02T04:09:22+0000  by Jim-Bob Jim-Bob

Hey Jim-Bob,


Sorry to hear about you drywall coming down in the kitchen. Is it the kitchen ceiling that is coming down or is the water damage on the drywall against the exterior wall of the kitchen? There are a few different ways for water to leak from your roof. Where do you live and what was the weather like when you noticed the damage? Is there an attic directly above the kitchen or is the kitchen ceiling vaulted?


If you have an attic you should check up there. Take note of the temperature and check the in between the rafters for any noticeable water damage on the plywood sheathing that your shingles are installed over. If it’s cold where you live you should check for signs of ice anywhere. If you have insulation make sure that it is not covering the any soffit vents. If you have gutters make sure they aren’t frozen over. Frozen gutters can cause ice to build under your shingles.

Let me know more so we can better help. Good luck.-Gregg

Posted 2011-03-02T14:04:14+0000  by gotogregg
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