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roofing nails

how do i figure for the amount of nails i need to lay 1000 sq ft of 3 tab shingles ?
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Posted 2017-07-31T22:14:05+0000  by zodee zodee

Hello zodee and welcome to the Community.


The number of nails per shingle can vary depending on local building codes.  The shingle manufacture will have instructions on its packaging with nailing instructions.

The nail should penetrate the plywood sheeting ¾ of an inch. Consider this when determine the length of nails of a new installation or if you are adding a second layer of shingles.  Here is a link to a wide variety of roofing nails you can find at your local Home Depot.



Here is a link to GAF web site for their Royal Sovereign 3 tab shingle installation instructions.  Below is an illustration that show a 4 nail and 6 nail enhanced nail patterns.

To cover 1000 sq. ft. you will need a min. of 780 shingles or 30 bundles. There are 26 shingles in a bundle. In addition, you will need nails for your underlayment, hips and ridges.

A pound of 1-1/4” Grip-Rite roofing nails has about 218 nails per box.  Therefore, if you were using the 4 nail per shingle application, for the shingles alone, you would need 14 pounds of 1-1/4” nails.  Or approximately 3020 nails.  For the 6-nail application, you would need 4680 nails or 22-pound boxes of nails for shingles alone.  The longer the nail, the few will be in a box.


Here is a link to Grip-Rite Collated 1-1/4” nails for a roofing nail gun. 


Nails are sold in 1, 5 and 30-pound container of individual nails.  For your job the 30 pound bucket would be the most economic choose.

Collated roofing nails for guns are sold in packages starting with 7,200 nails.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2017-08-01T14:41:42+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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