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rookie handyman needs help

hi guys! i need help for a couple projects. im not really a handyman or diy guy, i know a little in building stuff  but not everything.the project is for my old auntie and uncle, their old and always busy! the project is for thier garage they have a  lot of stuff  and they dont have time to organize and clean so i decided to help them out as sign of my appreciation for the things that they have done to me! i was  planning to build a cabinet for storage for my auntie and a tools and work bench for my uncle! i wanted to know what kind and size off wood should i use to build the cabinets. my uncle has a lot of wood in the backyard he has 4x4  2x4 2x2 2x6 2x8 and other sizes this is going to be my first time building garage cabinets



is 2x2 wood ok to build as frame for the garage cabinet or shoiuld i used the 2x4?

whats the best way to secure the cabinets to the wall?

and should use screws or nails?


all help will be appreicated too thank you and happy holiday!


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Posted 2012-12-14T07:46:27+0000  by rich28dhiel rich28dhiel

How’s it going rich28dhiel, sounds like you picked a great project to start with and even better cause for which to do it.


One of the very first things you will want to do is to check what kind of quality the wood your uncle has in the backyard is in. Not all wood is made to hold up to exterior conditions, pressure treated wood made for exterior use whereas white wood (think framing studs) are not. Look through the wood for signs of rot, warping, splits and cracks. Discard any damaged wood.


Next up you can sort the wood by sizes to get a better idea of what you have available to work with. Also it’s another quick and easy thing you can do to help clean up the yard ;-).


We’ll start off with the workbench for your uncle. For this we are going to use the 2”x4”boards, and a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood.


Additionally you will need:



Tape measure

Angle square


1 box - 2” wood screws

1 box - 1” wood screws

X4 - 3/8”x4” carriage bolts

X4 - 3/8” flat washers

X4 - 3/8” nuts

Table or hand saw


Step 1. Cut two 2”x4” to a length of 72” and two to a length of 17”, these will form the upper portion of the work bench. The 72” boards make up the front and back of the workbench top while the 17” boards form the sides and are placed between the front and back. Take the 72” lengths and measure in 1 ½” from the ends and use the angle square to draw a line across the boards face. Measure in another 3 ½” from those lines and draw another line across the face.

NOTE: The 1 ½” rectangle drawn at the end of each board indicates the space that the side boards will take up while the 3 ½” square shows where the legs and top will meet.


Step 2. Screw the top frame together using the wood screws, predrill the holes to prevent the wood from splitting. Once the frame is secure take a look at those 3 ½” squares drawn in the previous step. Connect the corners of each square by making an “X”, the center of that “X” is where you need to drill the hole for the carriage bolt with the 3/8” spade bit. Do this for each square and place the frame aside for now.


Step 3. The next cuts that are needed will be four 2”x4” at 34” and four at 14”. The 34” boards are for the workbench legs and the 14” boards are for the feet and lower shelf support. Starting at one end of each 34” board measure in 14” and use the angle square to draw a line across the face. Now from the opposite end of each board measure in 3 ½” and draw a line across the face. Connect the corners of the resulting square as you did previously by making an “X” and drill a 3/8” hole at the center for the carriage bolt. This will be the top of the leg.


Step 4. Construct the legs by placing a 14” board between the bottom of two of the legs and secure it into place with screws (remember to pre-drill). Next place a second 14” board at the mark we made 14” up from the leg bottom and secure with screws. Once both legs are complete it’s time to attach them to the work bench top.


Step 5. The legs should slide up between the frame top, align the carriage bolt holes and place a bolt through and secure on the inside with a washer and nut.


Step 6. You will need two plywood sections cut to dimensions of 72”x20” for the bench top and 69”x14” for the lower shelf. Use the 1” wood screws along the plywood’s perimeter to secure into place.

Work bench dimensions.jpgWork Bench Complete.jpg

(full size images are attached below)


As far as the wall cabinets go do you want hanging wall cabinets (no contact with floor like in a kitchen) or storage cabinets (think pantries and standing laundry closets) that are secured to the wall? Building the cabinets at the floor is a much easier prospect than building hanging cabinets from scratch. Get back to us and someone will be happy to help you out.

I hope this workbench works for you and let me know if I can help with any questions you have about it.



Posted 2012-12-14T19:23:31+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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