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room smell after painting

Some one helped us remove pop corn from our ceiling. After about a week, we applied mud. Then after a few days, we primed and painted. We also painted the walls so that the whole room has new paint.


Its been nearly two weeks since we painted and the room still has some smell. The smell seems more like mud or dry wall rather than paint smell. But I am not 100% certain.


Is it normal for a room to smell like this two weeks after its painted? If it is not normal, what can or should I do to get rid of the smell or to find out what is causing to smell.


Thank you

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Posted 2012-07-26T21:42:45+0000  by snilian snilian

Paint fumes will go away on their own, of course, but if you don't want to have them lingering you can get rid of the odor with a simple bucket of water and a handful of lemons.

If you don't own a bucket, try using your largest pot for the stove (and change it frequently) and add a few lemon slices inside. Not only will the lemons give you a natural fresh smell, but the water will actually soak up the paint fumes your diy project left behind.

Change your water once a day until fumes are gone, but in most single rooms this trick can work almost overnight! Brilliant!  This is from .  Burning vanilla candles will help also, when painting.  I hope this helps.

Posted 2012-07-27T10:55:38+0000  by zelque




I have on rare occasions run across drywall muds and paints which have gone rancid. This usually occurs when partially filled  cans have stood around for long periods of time with lots of air in the can.They take on a somewhat offensive odor which might linger on for prolonged periods. If after a few weeks this odor remains, I would concider sealing in the newly painted ceiling and walls with a coat of shellac. Shellac is a terrific sealer against odors. It is often used to seal in such things as pet odors. Latex/acrylic sealers will NOT stop odors. Oil sealers, such as Kilz, are somewhat effective, but not nearly as good as shellac at odor suppression. Obviously, the ceiling and walls would then have to be re-painted. Bummer! :(

Posted 2012-07-27T23:59:32+0000  by ordjen
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