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rose bush fertilizers

what type fertilizer should I use that will produce a vigorous luscious plant and if you give me the numbers such as  NPK let me know what each letter stands for   thanks
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Posted 2015-03-28T14:56:05+0000  by gspahn gspahn
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I use this product on my well established plants for the most bloom. if you still have trouble with a certain plant, look it up to see if anyone else has issues with it.Some roses can be harder than others  to get to bloom.

My most prolific bloomer is iceberg- a well established rose of mine gets watered once a month for an hour- but I live in California.
this is my favorite fertilizer for ANY blooming plant: here
NPK IS 15-30-15- the 30 is for blooms and roots.

Posted 2015-04-01T16:45:55+0000  by Gail_HD_OC

Greetings gsphn,

Thank you for the great question!

All roses need to be fertilized because they work so hard to preform and show off their blooms.

Some roses bloom for a specific period and others like the; Knock-Out Rose, bloom continually throughout the season. The Knock-Outs benefit from a season long, time released, organic, granular fertilizer developed just for them. With an analysis of: 3-4-3


Hybrid teas and floribunda rose bushes will thrive with an application of a rose specific water-soluble fertilizer, that will work not only from the roots but also through osmosis and be absorbed through the many leaves of the rose bush. The analysis is: 18-24-16


The N-P-K numbers of a fertilizer are the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.


My on-line team member: Ingar, has a great post with all the benefits for these nutrients and many more….such a great article I have it printed out and hanging on my cubicle wall, it is a great reference.

An easy way to remember the benefits and effects of the N-P-K for me is to just say: “Up-Down-All Around”.

 N- Stands for the Nitrogen: This produces the “up” leafy green growth.

 P- Is the Phosphorus: helps promote great “down” root growth, and blossom and fruit development.

 K- Potassium is the “all-around” vitamins and nutrients that are needed for the entire health and well-being  of the plant.

So in closing you need a higher middle number fertilizer for a flowering plant, just as Gail suggested, because they to need be fed to perform at their best.

Not knowing what types of roses you were inquiring about, I thought this may help with your question


Let us know how things are growing!!       Maureen



Posted 2015-04-02T13:31:42+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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