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rotted wood

How can you seal and fill a rotted wood hole ?

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Posted 2013-11-28T15:01:57+0000  by phovick1 phovick1




There are many 2-part catalysed products on the market for filling rotted  holes in wood. Minwax and Borden are a couple of them. They generally consist of a heavy paste that is mixed with the catalyst to form a solid plastic like substance when cured. Many have a primer used on the somewhat fibrous wood  after all the rotted wood has been dug out.


Personally, I have had  good results over many years by merely digging out the rot, flooding the area with bleach to kill the active fungus, letting dry, and then filling with old fashioned "Bondo". The same stuff that has been used for years to fill dings in auto fenders. Bondo smells suspiciously like the Minwax wood product, but is not wood toned in color, and is a LOT cheaper.


On verticle surfaces, two or three light coats may be neccessary , as the Bondo may slump under its own weight if put on too thick. I would sometimes drive small finishing nails into the void to form mini re-bar. This was effective when filling fallen out knotholes and woodpecker holes.


Bondo can be sanded, but is not all that soft, so leave the surface as smooth as possible with the spackle knife. There are special smoothing knives made by Bondo to which the Bondo resin does not readily stick as they are made of silicon.


As stated, there are many wood filler products out there, but you will not beat Bondo from the cost standpoint.

Being a polymer, they are stable and waterproof, the weakpoint of many woodfiber type dry mixes.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-29T00:57:22+0000  by ordjen
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