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rubber tubing pipe repair

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Posted 2014-01-05T18:22:38+0000  by lanasattic lanasattic

Does it look like this:


Could you post a picture or two of your problem area?

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Posted 2014-01-07T13:25:33+0000  by Adam444

Are you sure it's actually rubber?  Is this tubing by any chance gray in color?  Can you see a brand name on it anywhere?

Posted 2014-01-05T19:16:51+0000  by Adam444

It is greay in color but no, I don't see a brand name on it anywhere. It feels like ruber when I cut it but could be some other substance I guess.

Posted 2014-01-07T13:08:55+0000  by lanasattic

It looks just like that and is about 1/2".

 It had a connector like the one in the picture you posted but it keeps leaking with that on it. Is there anything else that can be used?

Posted 2014-01-07T14:10:41+0000  by lanasattic


Posted 2014-01-07T14:12:18+0000  by lanasattic

I believe you have polybutylene piping, which was commonly used in manufactured housing for a number of years.  Unfortunately the stuff deteriorates over time and was eventually discontinued.  It also was the subject of a large class action lawsuit a few years back.


I simply do not know enough about the stuff to make a recommendation on how to repair it.  You might want to see if you can find a online forum where plumbers hang out.  

Posted 2014-01-07T15:38:55+0000  by Adam444

Ok thank you for your help'

Posted 2014-01-07T16:16:37+0000  by lanasattic
Hi lanasattic,

Adam was exactly correct, you have polybutylene pipe.

Originally crimped with a copper ring to create the seal, the compression eventually cracked the pipe.

One of my rental properties had a flood from when the pipe burst.

Not a lot of fun, but the class action suit did replace the pipe.

The settlement period is almost certainly over.

Not to worry, you can DIY with SharkBite Conversion Coupling.

Simply press onto the end of your existing pipe and add transition pipe to the opposite side.

The new pipe could be 1/2-inch copper.

You existing pipe was not known to crack until the compression ring was installed.

So, you should not have to replace all of your pipe.

SharkBite makes an entire line of fittings.

Your Plumbing Associate can show you the correct couplings and replacement pipe.
Posted 2015-11-05T19:24:31+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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