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rust-oleum cabinet transformation


We will be doing our kitchen this weekend and I want a creamy off white, not pure white but more of a creamy off white. Which one is more creamy and offwhite, the Linen or the quilters white? I have 10 days to get this done and I don't want to spend most of the time in the store trying to decide between the two colors, so please help!  We are using the black countertops as well with stainless appliances and knobs.


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Posted 2011-12-06T17:56:28+0000  by MrsTad99 MrsTad99

Hello Mrs. Tad99,


I looked up the formulas for your colors in RustOleum Cabinet Transformations and this is what I found:


1) Linen contains one and three fourths ounce of white and only four drops of raw umber (a very dark brown); and


2) Quilter's White contains one and three fourths ounce of white and six drops of gold, one-half drop of rust red, one drop of black, and one-half drop of raw umber.


Although they are both pale off-white colors, you would have to say that Quilter's White is closest to a "creamy color" ... primarily because it contains gold and red which commonly combine to produce light versions of creamy colors.


I hope this description helps you imagine the end result!


Your Paint Associate can discuss these colors in greater detail and show you the tint colors mentioned here.



Posted 2011-12-06T19:46:17+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Mrs Tad99 -- This is Lisa from Rust-Oleum.  If you've seen the TV or print ad, we highlight the Quilter's White color.  (It's a favorite of ours.)  You can see the Quilter's White in the how-to video also at


I just finished the proect myself (Frost) and love the transformation.  Best of luck with your project!





Posted 2011-12-07T18:19:25+0000  by bialecki

Very Nice Lisa!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for helping Mrs. Tadd99 with your first post.


Since we receive numerous inquiries about your products, you should be a great information source for our members.


Thanks for joining us!

Posted 2011-12-08T13:19:07+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Lisa, We're in the middle of a cabinet transformation using "frost" as our color. Does it appear light blue when 2 coats of base coat on? And is it supposed to? Is the final color more of a bright white like I'm expecting? Thanks for your help!
Posted 2012-03-02T03:08:25+0000  by Tjwenger

Hi Tjwenger!


I noticed that Lisa did not reply, so I thought I'd jump in and try to help.


Frost without glaze is most certainly a blue color.


If you want pure white, you should probably choose Rust-Oleum Pure White and have your Paint Associate tint the light kit that color.


Glazed, both colors look much darker.

Posted 2012-07-19T12:23:54+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I just finished painting my cabinets in the quilters white. Have a little bit of crown molding to paint and wanted to match it. At local home depot they did a computer match, Applied yesterday and it's more beige than the quilters white. Any suggestions, not really wanting to spend the cash for another whole kit? Thanks

Posted 2012-09-23T12:49:56+0000  by BonnieRogacki

Hello Bonnie,


Just a quick note about color matching.


Best matches come from real color samples ... in this case, your newly painted Quilter's White cabinets.


If you did not, take off a cabinet door and have your Paint Associate match it.


Printed samples, like on the box, are often poor reproductions of the actual color and do not typically match very well.


Finally, if the match was from your newly painted cabinet, return the beige miss-match and have your Paint Associate match it again.

Posted 2012-09-27T12:28:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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