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rustoleum cabinet restoration spraying protective coat?

Hi I'm new to this forum and am in the process of restoring my kitchen cabinets.  I'm close to finishing my 2nd base coat in Espresso.  I've read a lot of negative feedback regarding the last step (the protective coat)  I've read that many users are having problems with streaks.  I'm curious to see if anyone has used an airless sprayer for the last step.  The cabinets are looking great right now and I would hate to ruin it!!!

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Posted 2013-07-24T22:16:23+0000  by ryguy ryguy



The water based urethane included with the Cabinet Restoration kit can certianly be sprayed. It can be sprayed with an airless unit if it is throttled down with the proper tip, about a 211 or 311, and the pressure lowered. The Restoration kit does not include enough material to fill the lines of a regular airless. The handheld Graco airless or a similar product would do well for this task.


My preference would rather be for an HVLP sprayer. The water based urethane is quite light bodied and should spray well with an HVLP. Certainly the use and clean-up of an HVLP would be more convenient.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-07-25T04:23:41+0000  by ordjen

Thank you for the response!!!  Your right with my airless I'll need at least half a gallon for the hose alone.  Looks like I'm in the market for a HVLP paint sprayer.  Any recommendations?  I will probably only use it for this one project so deff not looking at breaking the bank.  Looking at something like the "Campbell Hausfeld Gravity Feed Spray Gun"

Posted 2013-07-25T19:47:45+0000  by ryguy


If you have a compressor with enough cfm rating, you can use an inexpensive HVLP gun. The true HVLP's use an air turbine to supply the large volumn of air at a relatively low pressure. The lower pressure results in less paint lost as overspray.

Posted 2013-07-25T20:42:43+0000  by ordjen
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