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sanding wood

I do small art projects where I need to sand and sand and sand again. Is there some type of electrical sander that can get into nicks and crannies while also having a surface that can sand the larger areas of the design?

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Posted 2013-12-20T04:34:22+0000  by diamit diamit

There are detail sanders and oscillating tools that can sand fairly tight into corners.  They use triangular pads that are about 2" on each side.  They're less appropriate for larger areas because it's so easy to rock the tool, creating an uneven surface.  Black and Decker and other make a larger sander that uses a larger pad with a triangular point at one end.  These tools can cost from $40 to several hundred depending on what you want to spend.  As with most tools, quality generally increases with price.


Detail sanders:



An oscillating tool might offer the best bang for the buck because it can be used for other things beyond sanding.  Add a carbide grit blade and it can remove grout, add a saw blade and it can cut wood and metal.  These start at about $70 and can go up to several hundred dollars.






Posted 2013-12-20T13:54:18+0000  by Adam444

 For light to medium duty sanding, I like the small finishing "pad" sanders by DeWalt or Mikita. These are very sturdy sanders that sell for about $50. Both accept a one quarter sheet piece of standard sandpaper, which is cheaper than pre-cut sandpapers. The small oscillating pad can get farely close into edges and corners. Their small size makes them easy to control.


Of course, for really tight areas, those detail sanders shown by Adam in the above post really come in handy.

Posted 2013-12-20T22:31:12+0000  by ordjen
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