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scraping the texture off my ceiling

We are doing a cosmetic only revamping of our bathroom.  We have textured ceilings in there.  It is not popcorn... looks stamped I guess.  The texturing is so deep dust and dirt get trapped up there.  I want to scrape it off, and just paint it.  Is that a project for a hard worker, but not necessarily a do-it-yourselfer?  Thanks for ANY tips or tricks.



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Posted 2012-08-17T20:13:50+0000  by hmbushlmt hmbushlmt

Hi hmbushlmt,


Thank you for your question and welcome to our community. 


There will probably be a follow up answer to your question, but I will get you started.  I just scrapped my ceilings recently but they were the popcorn variety.  That was just a matter of covering everything up with plastic, spraying the ceiling down with warm water, waiting about 5-10 minutes and then scrapping off the popcorn. 


You may have an issue with the material that was used to make the textured swirls on your bathroom ceiling.  This material may have been put on a little thicker to make the texture.  To find out, take a small area about 6 inches square and spray it with warm water from a spray bottle.  Let is set a few minutes and then with a 2 inch scraper try to scrape the material off.  If it comes off easily then you are in business.  If not, the material may have been put on thicker to make the swirls and require a number of applications of water and scraping to make the material easier to remove.  Do not get overly aggressive with the scraping.  You do not want to damage the drywall.  


If at first you don't know the rest. 


There are couple of tools that will make your job easier and safer.  Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may need a 1-2 gallon pump spray bottle to apply the water.   The painters’ plastic and painter’s tape will make clean up a lot easier.  A ladder will be a must to get up the ceiling.


Pump Sprayer by FloMaster.jpgLadder Little Giant 3 step Aluminum.jpg

                                                  Putty knife 6 inch.jpg


Before you begin, it will be a good idea to cover everything with painters’ plastic to make cleanup a lot easier.  A disposable painters hat will help keep the debris out of youyr hair too!!


              Painters' Plastic 3.5 mil.jpgPainters_ Tape 2in  wide.jpg

                             Painters cap.jpg  Eye protection lite wrap around 3M Tekk.jpg 



When stating your project, concentrate on one section at a time and do not get into overwhelm mode thinking that the project is too hard to do.  Try those first simple steps I mentioned so that you will know the difficulty of your project.  


I think you can do it, just do not get into a hurry and try to rush through it!!!  Let us know if we can be of further assistance to you.  Good luck with your project.


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Posted 2012-08-17T22:01:12+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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