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my faucet to my shower broke off and the i was turning the water on and off with a wench now the screw is worn and it getting harder to turn off the water can i replace without replacing everything

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Posted 2011-02-12T19:32:28+0000  by wdh wdh

Hi wdh,


Thanks for your question, hopefully we can get you out of this jam in no time flat. My colleague and plumbing guru ChrisFixit has answered several questions regarding shower faucet repair. I'm going to give you 3 previous posts that should be the solution to getting your shower faucet repaired.


Here are some earlier posts that he's tackled


----> Shower Faucet Repair


---->Shower Faucet Repair 2 

or yet even a third post found here that gives you some more information:


---->Shower Faucet Repair 3


If you have found these links to be helpful, please let us know. Any further questions just ask away, that's what we're here for.




Posted 2011-02-12T21:06:23+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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