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shower stall

I want to build a shower that's 3ft deep and 4ft long. I have 8 ft many sq ft of tile

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Posted 2014-02-06T03:18:53+0000  by KimG72 KimG72

Hello KimG72 and welcome to the Community.


The area of the walls alone would be (3’+3’+4’)x8’, which would be 10’x8’=80 sq. ft.   The ceiling would be 3’x4’=12 sq. ft. and the floor also would be 3x4=12 sq. ft. for a total of 80+12+12=104 sq. ft. for all 4 surfaces.  Depending on the pattern of the tile and allowing for cuts, the general rule of thumb is to add 10%, which would add another 10 sq. ft. 


 If you are using stock tile from Home Depot you can return the left over tile.  It’s better to have too much on hand during the process of the job than to little.


You can use these calculations to determine the amounts of the other material needed, like backer boards, adhesive mortar, grout and sealers.


Thank you for your inquiry and if you need anymore assistance send me an email.




I am a Home Depot Associate trained and authorized to help people on the Internet.

Posted 2014-02-06T13:42:57+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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