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showerr valve, anyone have any idea who made this thing? House built in 1970's and it's leaking

photo.JPGTrying my best to avoid taking down a recently redone wall-- here it is, any help is really appreciated!photo.JPG

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Posted 2012-12-26T15:08:05+0000  by audiduddi audiduddi

Hello Audiduddi,


Welcome to the community.


Thank you for the great pictures. I don't recognize the valve it's self but most of the time it is a lot easier to identify a shower unit by the trim and handles rather than the valve its self.


So with that said if you could take a couple of pictures of the trim and handle I think we should be able to identify it for you.


I will keep a look out for the additional pictures while I am trying to figure out what it is by the great pictures that you already provided. 


Thanks again for joining the community.

Posted 2012-12-26T16:56:26+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Thanks, here is trim, handle I can haveafter work-- my wife says i take horrible pictures, ill be sure to show her this email.



Posted 2012-12-26T17:36:10+0000  by audiduddi

Hubby is a plumber and thinks it may be a Kohler.  Hope that helps

Posted 2012-12-27T23:00:18+0000  by Kat144
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