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single hung upper sash replacement

Hi Folks, I am a 50 y/o very handy DIYer and a Mass licensed plumber, so I do have some experience with home improvement. I have 2 Simonton single-hung windows with blown fixed sashes that I need to replace with manufacturer supplied glass-only panes. I have not been able to find much info from either the manufacturer or online. What I did find suggests I remove either some screws or blocks from beneath the top fixed sashes, slide them down and out from the side. The problem is, there are no screws or blocks! The only thing there is a vinyl strip running from rail to rail that the 2 window locks are screwed into. There doesn't appear to be any way to remove the strip short of forcing it. Also there is no beading, caulking or glazing holding the pane into the window, both inside or out. It is framed by 3/4" flat vinyl strips that again do not appear to be removable. I'm at a total loss here! Any suggestions would he appreciated! I know there must be a way, they were put in, they must come out!

Thanks for any help!

Rick Dandrea

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Posted 2012-03-12T13:49:01+0000  by rickd rickd

Greetings Rick,


My name is Tom, known here as HD116 and as a remodeling contractor for many years, I know that removing the top sash of a single hung window can be tricky.


Simonton carries both single hung and double hung windows. The information that you received was correct for the windows we currently carry as they are actually double hung windows that have a "sash block" that make the top sash fixed. In order to remove that style involves removing the screws and the block and then sliding the sash down and out. From your description you have a true single hung window.


Their single hung windows are held in place by double sided tape on the exterior side and glazing strips on the inside. I requested that directions for the removal and replacement be sent to you directly as well as myself so that I could share the instructions with other community members. The summary follows;


Changing Glass

Recommended Tools: Rubber Mallet, Gasket Scraper or Putty knife, Suction Cup if available


Glass Removal

Recommended instructions to remove glass from sashes or frames:

Starting in the center of the longest piece of glazing bead, insert the gasket scraper between the bead and mainframe.  There is a visible seam where these join together. Tap the gasket scraper or putty knife into the seam until the bead begins to separate from the mainframe.  At this point take the handle of the hammer or something similar and use it as a leverage point between the gasket scraper and the mainframe to begin prying the bead up from the mainframe on just 3 sides. Leave the top section intact. Next, on the opposite (exterior) side of the glass, insert a thin putty knife between the glass and the frame to relieve the tape or sealant adhering the glass to the frame.  Do not pry against the glass itself. Continue this process around the entire perimeter of the glass. Return to the glazing bead side and remove the 4th section. The glass can be pulled away from the frame at this point. Suction cups are helpful to avoid injury from the glass edges.





Glass Replacement

Putting glass in the frame

1.      Begin by first cleaning the debris out of the mainframe or sash frame, paying special attention not to leave any debris in the glass pocket.

2.      If you are using tape or silicone, you will need to apply the tape or silicone on all four sides of the mainframe or sash frame, without overlapping.  At this time you are ready to insert the glass into the mainframe or sash frame.


Putting the bead in the frame

1.      Beginning with the shortest pieces of bead, place the bead against the mainframe until snug.  Using the rubber mallet gently pound the bead in place, beginning at the corner and working your way in a few inches then continue from the opposite corner to evenly space the bead in the pocket. You will have to bow the longer pieces of bead to insert them against the mainframe or sash frame.  Begin by tapping the corners in place, then tap towards the center of bead working your way both directions so as to give the bead a chance to extend fully in both directions.



For more detailed information or if you have further questions, call the Field Service Department: 1-800-746-6704


Hope that helps, and welcome to our community!

Posted 2012-03-13T14:20:33+0000  by HD116

Hello Again,


I received an email from one of the Technical Support experts at Simonton, and thought  the following might be useful. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so hopefully this will help. Please note that the staybar may not be a part of your particular model. I hope that between the two this is helpful.

simonton 1.JPG



Posted 2012-03-13T18:07:40+0000  by HD116

Very informative and helpful. Thank you so much.

Posted 2012-09-04T02:02:15+0000  by zxfreeman
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