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soundproof a bedroom door

I live in three bedroom house in Las Vegas with 3 roommates And I stay up late at night playing games on my computer and the noise keeps my roommates awake so I need to soundproof my door. I have the corner room of the house and none of my walls are next to theirs so the only problem I have is the door.

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Posted 2011-04-21T12:24:14+0000  by n2it n2it



My name is Tom, known here as HD 116 and welcome to our community. As a drummer for many years, I have tried a variety of solutions to soundproof rooms, basements, and living areas with a variety of materials. I recently did a post on soundproofing an apartment, and some excerpts are included below.


Some applications are more effective than others, and there are a host of options. Noise can either be blocked or absorbed. Sound waves can be minimized through creation of space, insulation, absorption, and lessening the rigidity of a surface. You will find that the best sound proofing solutions combines all of these.


Soundproofing materials are rated by what is reffered to as an STC rating. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class, and this rating is used for almost all materials. You will find that the higher the rating the better the blocking or absorbtion of sound. In doing further research on products to use you may also see the acronym CAC which stands for Ceiling Attentuation Class, and is the STC rating for ceiling tiles and products.


Considering that you only need to stop the noise coming through a door, I think that an acoustical drape may be the best option for you in your situation. If you extended a drape past the door several inches on either side and terminated to each wall it should achieve the desired effect.


I found that the following two websites give a great overview of assessing a noise problem, and offer a variety of products to address them, including the one suggested.


Hope that helps, and again welcome to our community.

Posted 2011-04-21T13:03:55+0000  by HD116
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