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Getting ready to soundproof my ceiling, so my wife can have a studio and not bother the upstairs neighbors.  I am wondering which insulation is best and how difficult it is to install resilient channels.  Also what I should use between the two layers of sheet rock that is put back up.

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Posted 2011-06-23T04:36:56+0000  by whtjp whtjp

If you are using the complete resiliant system, then you may not need additional insulation.  The system has foam panels that fit inbetween the rails. 




If you still want to put up insulation for the extra sound blocking advantage, then I recommend R-30.  Install the insulation before the Resilliant system.


As far as a barrier between the two pieces of wallboard… Some articles have suggested using Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV).  It’s a dense vinyl material that acts a lot like lead would. 




*NOTE:  I would, however contact your local fire code authorities about what is acceptable in a multi residential setting.


If asthetics are not a big concern on the ceiling in the room your wife will be using, then I have another possibility to consider:

Try installing several 1 inch thick foam boards directly to the existing drywall.  You can attach them with either nails and foam board construction adhesive. Or just 2 1/2 inch decking screws.  You could even paint them when complete.




I hope this helped. 

Posted 2011-06-23T17:57:40+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks, that does help.  At least it gives me a direction to go.

Posted 2011-06-23T20:32:03+0000  by whtjp

Hi there and welcome to the community.


I just wanted to add to this great post that just like NOTED above some of the soundproofing materials may need to be covered to comply with fire the rating requirements.


This would especially apply to the extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam.

Bi product of XPS combustion are  some volatile  gases and this materials from my knowledge it is required by most building enforcement officials to be covered with min of 2hr of fire rating.


Hope this helps and again welcome to the community.


Posted 2011-06-28T18:32:32+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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