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Bath & Faucets

squeaking sound under bathtub

I can hear a squeaking sound under bathtub, when I take a shower.
How can I fix it ?
Thank You
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Posted 2016-11-01T16:08:14+0000  by Bobrikus Bobrikus
Is this noise something new or has it always been there?  If it's always been there, acrylic/fiberglass tubs and even steel ones have a lot more flex to them than cast iron and if they aren't perfectly supported you can feel the flex and in your case hear a noise.  If this is something new, I might be worried about a crack somewhere or even a leak that has damaged the subfloor.
Posted 2016-11-01T16:27:33+0000  by Adam444
It is started a few month ago. There is no visible leak.
This bathroom is located on third floor. On second floor, right under bathroom is a kitchen, so, if there is a leak I can see it on the kitchen ceiling, right?
Thank you for quick answer, Adam444
Posted 2016-11-01T17:13:52+0000  by Bobrikus
One would think that if there was a leak, you'd see evidence of it.  Of course, water can do some pretty strange things unfortunately.

If this new or old construction?  Any chance of minor settling or evidence of it like a small crack appearing somewhere?
Posted 2016-11-01T23:17:05+0000  by Adam444
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