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squirrel trouble

is there  a type of netting that  could be used for  fruit  trees to prevent   squirrels from  eating  the  fruit on the  tree.


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Posted 2015-07-22T14:24:49+0000  by dagwood dagwood

Greetings dagwood,

I am going to be upfront and bold right now and say that: I Hate Squirrels!

Yes, we sell netting for fruit trees, it is called bird block.

Somehow squirrel always make their way to where you think they are never going to go; they eat anything and everything and know no boundaries.  Uggg!

I have had my battles with grey squirrels eating through the soffits of my old wooden house, and fought with red squirrels eating towels and bathing suits hung on a line during camping trips, double Uggg!

You must be pro-active with nature tiny little veracious, acrobats; the bird block is very pliable and will wrap your trees.

I suggest a real Sherlock approach, watch how they get to the trees: is it right up the trunk, or do they leap from some structure or another tree?

Make it difficult for them no matter how they get there, they are so persistent though, and a worthy, not to be dismissed opponent!

Check out some alternative, and more ways from discouraging squirrels in your yard.

I wish you great luck and a true victory in your battle,     Maureen

Posted 2015-07-23T16:14:58+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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