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stripped down to drywall when prepping for painting around a window



I was repainting my living room and the paint around the window was chipped. The paint came off in strips and in some places it stripped down to the dry wall. There was a little bit of humidity in the spackling and paint which is why I am assuming it came off so easily.  I don't know how to repair this. 


Should I just put spackling (if so, does the lightweight spackling that I have work?) and then paint it with Killz and then regular paint  or do I need to do something else?

This is an encased window and the problem is on the top wall around the window, an area of about 6 inches x 15 inches.029.jpg


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Posted 2010-12-16T18:17:52+0000  by anelena anelena

Hey anelena.


I was speaking with Patinpaint and this is what we have decided.  That looks like a double pane insulated window, so the moisture is not coming in through the window. There is a sneaky suspicion that either the outside of the window doesn’t have adequate flashing at the top of it or it has inadequate ventilation. I would recommend getting a fan and a dehumidifier and letting them run for a day or two to help get the moisture out of the room.


Press on the one mark on the top where the big chunk is missing. If it is spongy then we will need to remove that piece and replace it with a drywall patch. You will need to also get a 12 inch mud trowel. Remove any remaining loose chips of spackling, put mud on trowel and spread evenly. Once the mud has dried you will need to get some 220 grit sheetrock sandpaper and sand it smooth and paint.


 It is most likely possible that the reason that the drywall mud came down was due to excessive moisture caused by poor ventilation. There is a simple solution to this. If there is a ceiling fan in the room then it needs to stay turned on to low, just to get air moving to prevent moisture or mildew. If there is no ceiling fan then there needs to be a fan somewhere in the room, or something to move a little bit of air. This will fix the moisture problem, but if the moisture persists please let us know and we can walk you through replacing window flashing.


I hope this helped. Swing by the store and let my guys get you everything that you need.   

Posted 2010-12-16T20:33:38+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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