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stucco walls. Yuck!!!!

I live in a condo where the previous owner put stucco paint on the walls. I've tried to sand and its not getting smoother. Can I apply new drywall on top of the stucco, prime and paint that ?
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Posted 2016-01-25T18:47:00+0000  by Mel69 Mel69
Hi Mel69,

Texture can be difficult to repair to your satisfaction ... especially when it covers a large area.

If you check-in with your local Building Materials Associates, they will show you Repair Wallboard.

This one-quarter inch wall covering is made for your type repair.

Smooth the larger areas of texture and then use the standard process for handing and finishing wallboard.

Your Electrical Associate will show you electrical box extensions which move the plates out one-quarter inch to make up for the thicker wall.

And, you'll also find that the door and window trim will be expose one-quarter of an inch less.

This slight inconvenience will likely be the only indication that the walls were recovered.

The other option would be a demolition party followed by hanging and finishing standard drywall.

Hope this helps,

Pat InPaint
Posted 2016-01-26T15:18:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hello Mel69 and welcome to the Community.


I would just like to add to Pats response by addressing peaks and valleys of the stucco that may show through the ¼” drywall.  To even out these inconsistencies you may want to want to apply a light skim coat of mud over the stucco before installing the drywall.


Locate your studs prior to starting to install your top drywall.  Also remember to use longer screws (1” longer than the combined drywall thickness), to make sure you get a secure bite into your studs.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2016-01-26T16:04:22+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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