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suggest material to build platform for shower pan

I am building a raised platform to hold and raise the Delta Classic 400 48 x 34 shower base and wall surround.  It will be aprx 4 to 5 in. in height.  What material would you suggest for the floor of the base. (top to sit pan on) I was told to use marine grade plywood but I don't see that listed as such on your site.  Is there another name for it?  or would you suggest something else to provide stability and for use in this application?
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Posted 2018-04-20T02:00:58+0000  by JTRIP JTRIP


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

We had an earlier post describing how to build a shower pan from scratch. You can read more about it in detail by clicking here. I would highly recommend to read it so you can view the steps and materials needed to successfully complete this project. 

In the post, Chris states that:

As far as the wood used for your curb and blocking some people have a preference to using pressure treated over un-treated.

-          Another thing to note at this stage is that some installers swear by installing a slipsheet (roofing felt) and mesh directly onto the sub-floor.  In this setup the slipsheet , laid directly on top of subfloor, prevents moisture loss in the mortar before its cured and the mesh (stucco lathe, chicken wire, etc.) gives the mortar something more substantial to grab to. In the end the choice is yours.

In other words, you ultimately decide what to use for the base. Exterior grade would be preferable if you can obtain it. 

Let us know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2018-05-21T21:03:07+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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