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texturizing plaster and drywall

I'm redoing my dining and family room. Part is plaster and part drywall.  The plaster has some cracks in them and I patched them with paper tape and durabond 90.  I would like to put a texture on the wall and without having any experiance in that area, I need something fairly easy.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Posted 2010-11-04T23:50:59+0000  by BJinWI BJinWI

BJ,A wide variety of  wall textures can be achieved using drywall compound. There are many different application techniques used to achieve the desired texture. If you can provide a brief description of the type of finish you are looking for I may be able to give you info on a application method that will work for you.

Posted 2010-11-05T01:12:22+0000  by painterkeith

Hello BJinWI,

 Welcome to the community. I am glad to here that your taking on a new adventure.

As painterkeith has already said there are a few different ways that you can tackle this project. You can use a hopper gun to spray the texture onto the walls or use a textured paint to add some depth to the walls.

If you already own a compressor you can rent a pneumatic hopper spray texture gun at your local Home Depot tool rental or you can purchase an electric hopper spray gun.

Here is a sample of an electric gun (click here).

They both do the same thing but in my opinion the pneumatic gun has more power and tends not to get clogged as easy. They both work well and do the same job.

 Here is a really cool link for quite a few different options if you want to go the textured paint route.(click here)

I hope this helps you with your project. I would love to see some before and after pictures once you get done. Good luck..

Posted 2010-11-05T17:54:11+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Before you run into THD's Rental Center, stop by the paint department. Behr makes a couple of textured paints that will cover over the imperfections you have in the walls. One is the sand texture and the other is the smooth texture.


Sand gives you just that... a sand like texture on the wall.


Smooth on the other hand, does anything but what its name implies. Smooth can be used to give you a knockdown texture, or a grasscloth texture, geometric swirls, etc... anything you can dream up. The paint department will have a brochure that gives you an overview of the process and Behr's website can give you the details.


Either of the textured paints are applied with the "goop" roller sold in the paint department. Once you have the textured applied to your liking, just paint it with a normal broadwall paint from Behr, Glidden or Martha Stewart in the color(s) of your choice.

Posted 2010-11-05T19:20:40+0000  by Paul

I'm filling grooves in paneling, and want to texture the walls to cover any imperfections. I plan to use Behr Smooth Texture Paint.  Can the Behr Smooth Texture Paint be applied using an electric spray hopper texture gun or must it be applied using the loop roller?  Everything I read refers to it being applied with a roller.

Posted 2011-06-12T23:17:05+0000  by JPC

Hello JPC.  Welcome to the Home Depot Community!


Behr's interior texture paint is quite thick, and as such is best applied using a loop roller.  You also will be cutting in with a brush as well.  It is possible to use a sponge or a cloth rag to apply this paint, but Behr does not recommend using a spray gun for this product.


You can read more about texture paint techniques here at Behr's website: LINK.


I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-06-14T14:08:27+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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