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the best cleaner for chandeliers-Extend-A-Finish

Hello everyone,


I'm here today to talk about the best thing we sell in our stores to clean chandeliers and light fixtures. It's called Extend A Finish Chandelier Cleaner, and is easy to use, and safe to use on all metals and plastics on all kinds of light fixtures.


This cleaner is almost a requirement for maintaining hard-to-reach fixtures, or any lighting that has complex or delicate pieces that you don't want to take down and clean each individual piece.

In the video below, you will see me discuss more about this great product that most people don't know we carry.


Extend A Finish Chandelier Cleaner Video


This cleaner can be found at most Home Depot stores in the lighting department, SKU # 658-045. Below is an image of it.

Extend A Finish Chandelier Cleaner


Online and in some stores, we also carry another brand, yet identical in performance and results. Below is an image and link to it.

Hagerty Chandelier Spray Cleaner


 No matter which cleaner that we sell, these 2 at your local Home Depot are the best products to easily clean your light fixtures!




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Posted 2012-02-04T22:14:08+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL