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the hot waterheater tank

the overflow pipe is pouring water, been this way for about a week, mold is every where, how do I stop the flow

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Posted 2013-12-08T21:56:45+0000  by jolydave jolydave




The "overflow pipe" you refer to is the pressure/tempeture safety relief valve. For what ever reason, it is not sealing and allowing water to flow out. It would be prudent to replace it promptly! Shut down the unit, turn the water off, remove the valve and take it to Home Depot to get an exact replacement.


This valve should only "pop" when the unit has over heated and/or excess pressure has been generated in the heater. The real question is what caused it to pop in the first place. Merely replacing the valve may not be addressing the problem of why it popped. The valves themselves do occasionally go bad, pop or unseat, and then fail to reseal properly.


Replace it, or have it replaced by a plumber, turn the heat down a bit and then observe it for a couple days to assure it is performing as designed.

Posted 2013-12-08T23:12:15+0000  by ordjen
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