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I replaced my thermostat awhile back the ac works fine but the fan wont come on when it's on heat?

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Posted 2010-11-06T18:51:22+0000  by rsps50 rsps50

Hey there rsps50 welcome aboard! Sounds like what you might have is simply a case of a bad connection. I've been guilty of this many times myself. You install the thermostat in the summer and check that the AC is working and think you're good to go, what you don't check however is that the heat is connected properly after all who's even thinking about checking the heat in the middle of the summer :robotwink: . My friend its time to troubleshoot! Reopen your thermostat and double check that all your connections are both wired to the correct location and solid. If alls good there keep moving down the line and the solution is sure to show up. Hopefully this is a simple case for you and easily resolved if not we're here and ready to help!



Posted 2010-11-07T14:42:47+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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