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thickness of laminate flooring

I am interested in using laminate flooring in my den.  Someone told my husband to be very careful to not get the real thin laminate as it was very hard to put down.  Can you tell me what is a good thickness?  I realize from browsing that the thicker, the more epensive.  Would 7mm or 8mm be a problem?

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Posted 2012-06-06T23:33:41+0000  by wmhudson wmhudson

Hey there wmhudson,


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When researching or purchasing laminate flooring, one of the biggest factors to be aware of is the thickness of the planks. Average plank thickness runs between 8mm - 10mm for most laminates that you'll find, and can go all the way in excess of 12mm thick.


The main draw of the extra thickness is that it gives you better sound absorption. Even with the padding attached, thinner laminates will transmit more sound than their thicker counterparts. Thicker laminates also have more room for deeper embossed textures, giving the laminate a more authentic look and a closer mimic to real hardwood. 


I can't say that I've heard that the thinner laminates cause installation issues before, but I will tell you that different manufacturers use different inter-locking technology for their products. Most of the more "economy" style laminates that you'll find with 7mm - 8mm thickness will not have as tight of a lock as you'll find with the heavier 12mm ones, but this is only due to how they are made and the manufacturers, not due to the actual thickness of the laminate.


If you're looking to put this in home that you'll be staying in for awhile and you want to build value on it, I would recommend a thicker laminate than what you currently have chosen. Not only will it be more durable construction wise, but it will also rid you of pesky sound transmission and come with much better warranties than what you currently have lined up.


A good recommendation for you would be a Pergo XP product like this Asheville Hickory. It's a 10mm laminate and comes with attached underlayment already on it, eliminating an installation step for you automatically. If you wanted to go a step beyond that, Bruce makes a great 12mm product as displayed in their Fruitwood Spice. This style however does not come with an attached padding, so you'll need to pick that up separately.


Hopefully this helps answer your question. Feel free to give us a shout if you think up anything else that you need help with!~

Posted 2012-06-07T14:03:07+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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