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three woods-one paint

My bedroom is the inheritance room. Everything that someone leaves behind, I get. That leaves me with three types of wood that are not leaving this room anytime soon- cherrywood door and window frames, a mahogony bureau that no one can lift, an oak bookcase that is the size of my wall, and an oak bedframe that is never leaving my room. Problem is, I want to change my paint from BRIGHT BLUE to something less 8 year old to more 20 year old. I need to find a color that will fit my style, my budget, and my four wooden stories. HELP!!

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Posted 2012-08-22T19:54:45+0000  by nikkichan nikkichan

Hey there nikkichan,


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Sounds like you have quite the paint dilemma on your hands with all those different colors and finishes in there. = o


No worries though, there is certainly a paint color meant for you. I found swatches of wood that might look similar to what I'm imagining your cherrywood, mahogany and oak look like. Based on them, I picked out a few different colors that I thought would work well together. Since you mentioned you're trying to get away from blue, I stayed away from it as well.




Color Selections.png



In the color mashup, you can see that I provided the samples that I found which hopefully are close to what you have in the room. I put them together with the colors I thought would look nice, so that way it creates a collage of choices to choose from.


Out of the ones provided, I think the grays or the darker red would look the best. Blueish grays tend to highlight darker wood colors such as mahogany, but going any darker than Down Pour will make the room shrink. The French Gray on there is kind of a catch all color, it will work with just about anything you can throw at it. If you want to lighten it up, I provided the Ultra Pure White as a reference. Whites do really well against wood colors, especially if you have a lot of natural lights. You can get it a bit darker, closer to the tan family if you'd like, and it will still work.


The Opulent color is a nice ocher mix that I think would stand out pretty nicely against all of them as well, and gives it a slightly more sophisticated look and definitely doesn't scream "kids room."


Hopefully some of these will either jump right out at you, or at least inspire you in your color choices. If you have any more questions about it, feel free to ask!~ = )

Posted 2012-08-23T19:45:14+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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