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timer box for exterior sign lights.

the timer has  three screws  to fasten Wires to.  they are at the botomof the box.


there are two white wires coming off the timer.

 the 1st  white wire  is fastened to the 1st screw on the left.

 the 2nd white wire is fastened  to the 2nd screw in the middle.


then there is a 3rd screw which is empty.


so I have  three wires going through the timer box going out side to the lights.


white , black and ground. I assume that the black wire gets cut and fastens to the timer.

But where does it go ??

Does the white wire also get connected to the timer ??


Thank you for your quick response.

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Posted 2012-12-30T06:07:24+0000  by Hisoverseer Hisoverseer

Hi Hisoverseer,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Typically a lot of timers install almost exactly like switches, where only the hot leads (usually black wires) are attached while the neutral (white wires) lines are attached only to each other inside the junction box and not the timer.


Since there are various timers out there, including the ones we sell, I can't make any assessment to your situation until I know what kind of timer you have. Once thats done, we can greatly assist you in getting the right information on your timer.


Is there anyway you can upload an image or give us the model number for your timer?


Let us know, and we can go from there. Hope to hear from you soon,




Posted 2012-12-31T19:49:46+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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