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toilet fix

what parts should I look at replacing in my toilet if it takes a long time for the resivoir to fill after flushing?

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Posted 2014-01-18T16:34:05+0000  by tomgolf tomgolf

Is this a new problem or something that's always been happening?


Have you check to see if the shut off valve is fully open?

Posted 2014-01-19T01:12:29+0000  by Adam444

Hello tomgolf!


I'd rather be golfing than repairing a toilet.


However, since this is the task at hand, let's proceed.


The modern toilet repair kit contains all the parts ... valve w/ float, flapper, pull-chain, etc.


The price is modest and the time to install is minimal, so go ahead and replace the "works."


You'll be doing preventive maintenance and have more time to play golf when the weather warms.



This is a great cold-weather repair.


Pro Packs offer even better pricing on parts for multiple toilets.


Why not do them all while you've got the first tank open ... you'll be glad you did later.



I am not advocating changing the white plastic drain tube, unless it actually leaks.


This is a much more time-consuming repair and is not necessary if in good condition.

Posted 2014-01-23T20:45:49+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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