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tube and wire electric problem

my house has tube and wire thourgout in spaces that were not visible at purchase. What type of wire should i use to replace it when the visible wire is up to code?
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Posted 2016-01-02T22:32:58+0000  by myron8438 myron8438
You would need to use whatever wiring method is approved in your location, check with your local building code enforcement department for their requirements.  For much of the country it would be non-metallic cable (aka Romex) but some areas, notably Chicagoland, require conduit or flexible metal clad cable (e.g., type MC).

I don't know much about knob and tube but my understanding is the only option is to completely replace it.  I don't believe you could, for example, replace or repair just part of a circuit.  It would probably be a good idea to have a licensed electrician who has experience with knob and tube to look things over. 
Posted 2016-01-04T12:31:05+0000  by Adam444
Hello myron8438.  Welcome to the Community!

The problem with knob and tube systems is that not only is the wiring old and brittle by now, but there is no ground wire.  Any outlets you have will be just 2 prong receptacles, and the only way to safely convert them to 3 prong outlets is to use GFCI's combined with the "no equipment ground" stickers provided.  This is not the best solution though.  I highly recommend that you replace all the knob and tube wiring.  As Adam said, what you replace it with depends on your local building codes.  This is best learned either by contacting your local building inspector, or a local electrician.


Posted 2016-01-05T19:36:53+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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