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unclog pipes under the house

my kitchen sink drains okay, but the the water is running out of somewhere under the house. i dont know exactly where it's leaking from

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Posted 2013-12-26T20:48:59+0000  by yol77 yol77

Hello yol77!


Undefined leaks are always a concern.


Unfortunately, the only way to verify the leak and then complete a repair is to visually inspect the drain.


The fact that water is not backing up into your sink eliminates the first possible leak source.



The next step is to go under the house (into the crawl space or basement) and begin searching for the leak with a high-beam light.


If the pipe damage is in the straight run, ask your Plumbing Associate to show repair clamps that have rubber sleeves inside.


You'll need to know if your drain is three-inch or four-inch pipe ... or simply purchase both and return the one you do not use.


If the pipe damage is in the elbow or joint, you may need two repair couplings, two lengths of two-foot repair pipe, and both pieces of the pipe joint.


Measure and cut the pipe so the two-foot repair pipe and joints can be used to replace the existing joints. The couplings will connect the repair pieces to the existing pipe.


PVC Glue will seal the new joints and make the whole assembly waterproof.



If the existing pipes are metal, you may need a coupling to link the two types of pipe. A photo of the pipes will help and your Plumbing Associate should be able to provide detailed assistance.



When drain pipes cannot be repaired easily, local codes will instruct you about the acceptable possibilities of by-passing the current drain with pipes that pass out of the building and re-attach to the existing sewer drain.


This is a very significant repair and needs to be executed in a way that maintains the value of your home.


In every DIYers knowledge base is usually a warning sign or signal that says, "This repair is beyond my ability."


Unless you are a skill builder or licensed plumber, you are probably hearing that warning as you read this.


If this is the case, you may want to seek assistance on this repair.


If not, write a reply with more details and we will try to take the next steps together.



Watching my Dad, I learned how to manage difficult repairs.


So, I have always been an advocate for DIY!


I really should thank my Dad right here because without his teaching I would not be writing this answer for you.


Just so you'll know, my Dad, brothers and I ran new drain lines from my childhood home to connect with the city sewer.


Today, every time I visualize the solution to a complex or difficult repair, I exclaim the words "Thank You Dad!"


It's a gift I will cherish forever!

Posted 2013-12-26T21:55:17+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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