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underlayments for vinyl peel & stick floor tiles?


we just bought some vinyl peel and stick floor tiles for our kitchen. We had a fridge leek and ruin the floor in that area and now we need to replace the whole thing :-( 

So our question is can we stick the vinyl right onto the subfloor? what happens when there is a spill? will it ruin the subfloor? Or do we need some underlayment?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Posted 2016-01-02T19:43:33+0000  by mmmmom mmmmom
Hey mmmmom.

The beauty with peel and stick vinyl tiles is that you just stick them to a clean, dry subfloor. They do not need a vapor barrier with these and it is advised that you don't put one down.

When installed properly, water should not really be a big issue. It is a better alternative than hardwood or engineered flooring when water is present. One thing that may be better would be sheet vinyl, as there are no gaps, eliminating any chance of water getting into the gaps.

Allure flooring however, sounds like the perfect option for you, as it is more waterproof than the peel and stick tiles, looks more realistic and is just as easy to install. Click here for your allure options and click on the play button on the product pace to see how easy installation truly is. Like vinyl flooring it recommends that you damp mop it.  

Posted 2016-01-03T16:24:30+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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