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updating an old crib

I am using my 1st babys crib again for the baby on the way. So I wanted to paint it from its original cherry color to an hi gloss black. So my boyfriend did some sanding on the teeth marks baby had done, and painted it with black spray paint.It did not turn well, we went to home depot and asked a worker on what paints where best. He recomended Behr hi gloss black enamel interior/exterior paint. So we bought a roller and foam brushes for the crib slats. He started painting over the black spray paint and it was nice paint. The next day we start noticing there's streaks from the foam brush. So we tried using the roller, it left small bubbles so we just stoped painting it and let it dry than we check later and we noticed the bubbles disappered but it left marks. I tried a natural brush but left strokes too. Please any advice or tips on what tools to buy or what to apply !! Helpp I'm due in 2 wks and would like to have a finished cribb!!
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Posted 2013-12-12T07:35:54+0000  by claudiamdrn claudiamdrn

Congratulations claudimdrn!


Your solution may be as simple as slowing the dry-time down to allow the brush strokes to self-level.


Floetrol is an additive for water-based paints that extends the dry-time from four-hours to six-hours.

Floetrol.jpgPaint and simply leave the crib alone and do not re-brush.


In fact, many of my DIYers actually create brush and roller marks by brushing too much.


Use the best quality brush you can afford.


I prefer an angled Purdy XL ... about two or two and one-half inch.


Start by lightly sanding with 220-grit paper to remove the existing brush strokes.


Wipe of the sanding dust with a dry terry towel ... do not add solvents to your towel.


Mix eight-ounces of Floetrol with one gallon of paint (use same ratio for smaller amounts) and stir together well.


Saturate your brush tip.


And, make long, flowing strokes (not the choppy back and forth strokes) in the direction of the wood grain.


Once coated, stop brushing.


Leave the crib alone to dry for at least six-hours.


If needed, lightly sand again and use the same technique to add a finished coat.


Total time require: approximately two days.


I wish you only the best for the new addition to your family.

Posted 2013-12-12T13:17:39+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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