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vent for a shed

I was thinking of installing a vent in the roof of my shed. When I built the shed, I kept putting off cutting out the holes in the sides of the shed to install the flimsy vents that came with the shed kit. It is now almost two years later and still no vents. Silly, I know, for something so easy. At this point, I'm thinking of a roof vent so I can get a bit of knowledge on the basics of how to do it. I plan to install a bathroom vent/light in my house soon and would like to practice cutting through the roof, installing the vent and sealing it on my shed before I do the same for the house. I can live with a leaky shed for the first time it rains, but not in my house.

My shed is 10x12 ft. so I'm thinking along the lines of a 4-6" vent (no power). Does anybody know if that is about right? Or does anybody have a recommendation of what vent I should use and the type of sealant to buy (caulk, I assume, but what kind)?

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Posted 2013-10-21T18:09:31+0000  by thequietman thequietman
if it has shingles do a ridge vent on top easy to do
Posted 2013-10-22T01:10:44+0000  by larrygrace1974
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