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vine removal

Hoping I can get some hints and tips. I am considering buying a home. The home has some vined that grow up on 3 sides. It has complete coverage on one side, light coverage on the front, and medium coverag on the back and deck. The home is stucco, and the fines appear to have sticky pads that adhere them to the home. I can manage the cutting and pulling down part, but what is the best way to kill the root system and keep them from coming back?
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Posted 2011-03-24T17:04:45+0000  by alphaspark alphaspark

Hey alphaspark.


Those vines can be a major pain. Many vines can be controlled with a simple brush killer, but what you describe sounds like English Ivy. English Ivy is more than a pain, it is considered an ecological threat. There is a product that will kill Ivy and any other vines. It is called Round Up Poison Ivy and tough brush killer, and it is considered to be the silver bullet for Ivy. It has the 2 different herbicides considered to work on Ivy. Even if what you have is not Ivy I would still use this. It sometimes takes multiple applications and because it is ingested through the leaves, don't cut it all down right now. I recommend spraying it multiple times and once it is dead, then pull it down.

 english ivy.jpg

It is a non-selective herbicide, therefore it does not discriminate therefore it will kill whatever you spray it on so be careful. I have attached a link on evil English Ivy just incase that's what you have.


round up.jpg

Posted 2011-03-24T17:42:27+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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