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vinyl window

How to reinstall bottom fold out window?

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Posted 2010-11-14T22:15:37+0000  by r1king r1king

Hello r1king, welcome to our community. Did you purchase the window from Home Depot off the shelf or did you special order them? If you purchased the window off the shelf then you have the series 300 Hopper window. The portion of the window glass that moves is called the Sash, and the two handles at the top are called Sash Locks.


To re-install the windows there are receiving slots on both sides of the window opening at the bottom, and the Sash itself has the same shape on the ends at the bottom. Hold the Sash at a 45 degree angle like the picture below and insert one end into the slot and the other end should fit easily. Once both ends are inserted, and then you can swing the sash up to be closed, then turn the handles to lock.


If you purchased the window as a Special Order, then the window should have come with instructions on how to remove the sash, it's a different design than the one in stock so it doesn't remove the same. If you have this window, please send me a message then I can get you the instructions for that model.


I also included link to a video on Installing Replacement Windows Please let me know if this helps, or if you need further assistance.


300 series Hopper window.JPG

Posted 2010-11-15T15:33:39+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

I don't know where the windows came from. I bought the house new in  99.   the window  goes in but won't  raise.  Won't   fit into bottom of window channel balance.

Posted 2010-11-16T00:07:27+0000  by r1king

Hey r1 king,


My name is George and I work for a Chicago area Home Depot. In order to be able to give you a real and sensible answer I would need to know a little bit more about the window that you are having problems with. Can you post a picture of the window or at least provide us with a brand name and model number of the window? Having said that window goes in and won’t raise, I’m assuming that you are having a problem with closing mechanism. Closing mechanisms vary in  style from window to window so in order to further assist you with your project I would need to see which style  applies to yours.


Thank you for your question and again welcome to the community.


Posted 2010-11-16T19:30:20+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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