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I have a Bermuda grass lawn. It is infested with weeds. I would like to know if bermuda grass tends to breed weeds more than other grasses? and Ho I go about eradicating the weeks from the lawn? I would like to reseed with different type of grass possibly buffalo grass. I live in southern Kansas what type of seed is recommended for this area other than bermuda?

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Posted 2013-04-28T22:47:35+0000  by fI4DUTY fI4DUTY

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All lawns are equal in the fact that they will get weeds in them. Some grasses do not have weedkillers you can use in the growing season, however Bermuda has  some advantages there.You can use Weed Stop in the growing season, and Scotts Halts in the dormant season just before spring.

c1186e8b-0612-47ac-af15-0e46c0c67242_300.jpgscotts turfbuilder plus halts.jpg

You can also plant zoysia and buffalo grass in your area, but the weedkillers are limited in the growing season.

As long as you have these 2 products or something similar for your Bermuda grass, you will have a great lawn.

Posted 2013-05-01T17:28:41+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
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