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wait time for paintable wallpaer

I need to know how long to wait after hanging paintable wallpaper before i paint. The instructions do not say how long.

Also, do I need to size or prime plaster walls before installing the wallpaper?

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Posted 2013-04-23T23:40:07+0000  by cg1632 cg1632



I would defer to the manufcturer's instructions, were there any. However, I would personally give the paper at least 24 hours to dry.  Not only does freshly hung paper have moisture which must dissipate, but the paper taughtens as it dries. I would not be a good idea to put paint on paper which is still going taunt, i.e. shrinking.


Is your plaster bare, or has it been painted in the past?  Sizing was thinned down paste which was put on bare, slick plaster to give it more tack to increase adhesion. Such glue sizes are seldom used now-a-days.


There are clear vinyl coatings available which are meant to be put on bare plaster or slick, glossy paints to increase adhesion and give "tooth" to the walls.  Wallpaper, to be hung properly, cannot be put on too slick a surface. The slighty rough "tooth" of pre-wallpapering sealers allows the wallpaper to be slid around to set the seams, yet have enough tack to keep the seams from separating.


Conversely, it is difficult to hang wallpaper on a wall that is not well sealed. A dry wall will literally suck the moisture out of the paste and prevent it from sliding enough to set the seams. The pre-wallpapering sealers also act to seal these very porous walls. A side benefit, is years down the road, they will make the removal of the wallpaper much easier!


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-04-24T05:49:59+0000  by ordjen
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