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washer discharge extention?


Id like to move my washer over a bit and I'm trying keep the drainage system the same, just drain into sink tub. Can my washer handle a 7ft run and rise of 34"? Is there a code for this? Will backflow happen? and does home depot sell and extention kit (having trouble finding one, and long enough). or are there other simple options. I know I can p-trap it directly into drain line but would like to avoid extra work. Thanks for any responses!

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Posted 2015-06-20T13:42:28+0000  by Thacker Thacker
You would have to check with the manufacturer of your washing to see what limits the pump may have.

As for "extending" the discharge hose, you can just use a barb splicer (coupling) and a couple of clamps to connect one length of hose to another.  The one I pictured is brass but you'll likely find one it white plastic (the brass shows up better as a picture on a computer).  You want the diameter of the barb to match the inside diameter (abbreviated ID) of your discharge pipe.  That should be printed on the packaging.  The clamp should match outside diameter of your hose (the clamp will have a range).


Posted 2015-06-21T02:26:56+0000  by Adam444
Hey Thacker,

There are several parts to your question:

1) Is there a code for this?

2) Can my washer handle a 7-foot run and 34-in rise?

3) Does Home Depot sell an extension kit?

Let's address the last one first ... yes, Home Depot does sell a 4-foot extension kit.

According to the Whirlpool ... "it is used to extend the drain hose so the wash water can drain to a sink, tub, or drain hole."

However, since codes vary between jurisdictions, I'm going to refer you to a licensed plumber in your area to answer the "code" as well as the "run and rise" portions of your question.

You a correct to be concerned about "backflow."

Water will always find the low spot and any miscalculation on the ability of your washer pump may lead to significant damage.

A licensed plumber in your local area will be your best resource to get this right the first time.
Posted 2015-06-23T23:09:10+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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