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do all water heaters come with it's own t/p drain
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Posted 2015-08-29T20:18:14+0000  by vn67 vn67
Hello vn67,

The T & P relief comes installed on all of our in-store water heaters and on our online only units with little exception. The plumbing associated with draining water from the valve is determined by local plumbing codes and should be consulted before setting up any drainage. Some places may require different materials for the pipe itself, others my have specific rules for where the water is allowed to drain to. I hope this helps and thanks for the question.

Posted 2015-08-31T14:38:07+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
Hello vn67.

The T&P valve itself comes on our water heaters, but just the valve.

The drain pipe does not come with water heaters.
As Chris_HD_ATL said, how this is plumbed can vary by local plumbing codes.
Water heater installations are one thing that typically must have a building permit and pass inspection.



Posted 2015-09-01T17:17:27+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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