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water leak

There is a pipe inside the wall near my water heater that is dripping water,  I want to know is there a problem or is this normal.
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Posted 2018-09-17T22:06:33+0000  by BTWHITE BTWHITE
Water leaking is never a good thing.  If possible, please post pictures of your water heater and piping so that we can see where the leak is.  Without knowing exactly what you have going on, I'll try to offer some generic advice.

From a plumbing standpoint, water heaters are actually pretty simple.  A pipe brings cold water into the heater and another pipe takes hot water out of the heater.  Those connections are typically made on the top of the heater and are generally symmetrical (say at 3 and 9 o'clock).  The third connection is to the T&P valve (temperature and pressure) and it is a safety device.  The T&P valve can be located on the top or side of the heater and should have a pipe that runs down towards the floor but stops short of the floor by a few inches.

If you have water dripping from the pipes bringing water into or out of the heater, you would have to repair the leaking section or fitting.  That may or may not be a DIY project depending on your skill level.

If you have water dripping from the T&P valve, that means there is too much pressure in the water heater.  As you probably know, water expands as it gets hotter and that builds pressure in the tank.  The T&P valve is there to bleed of excess pressure and prevents the tank from rupturing.

If you could get back to us with more information (and hopefully pictures) of your leak, we can talk more about the appropriate repair.

Posted 2018-09-17T22:39:09+0000  by Adam444
Hello BTWHITE.  Welcome to the Community!

Plumbing pipes are not supposed to leak.  It is not normal.  You will need to open up the wall, find the source of the leak and repair it.  How to do that, and whether you also may need to add an expansion tank to your hot water system depends on what you find.


Posted 2018-09-18T13:58:53+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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